Public Voting Records

Alabama Public Voting Records

While Alabama citizens can register to vote at their local board of registrars, under federal law they can also fill out and submit voter registration forms at all state and/or county offices that provide public assistance. If you have difficulty registering to vote at an out of state location, contact the Secretary of State - Elections Division immediately. 1-800-274-8683.

If you have witnessed or know any information regarding voter fraud, report it immediately. The Secretary of State Department handles all voting fraud cases.

Toll Free:

	(334) 242-4993

Mailing Address:

	Secretary of State
	Voter Fraud Unit
	P.O. Box 5616
	Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616

Public libraries are a great place to get information on voting and to research voting history.
Alabama Public Voting Records

2013 Registered Lobbyists
Alabama Ethics Commission
lobbyist information:

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Excel Document

Absentee Ballot Application
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UOCAVA Application for Absentee Ballot
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Emergency Absentee Ballot Application
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