Public Voting Records

Kentucky Public Voting Records

Register to vote in Kentucky by visiting a local county clerk and filling out an application or download the form online and mail it in. You can also find information on voting at your local library.

Kentucky Public Voting Records

The county clerk list is ordered in alphabetically by the county name.
County clerk list
Voter Registration Card

For additional questions or information, contact the State Board of Elections

	State Board of Elections 
	140 Walnut Street 
	Frankfort KY 
	(502) 573-7100
	TDD: call (502) 573-7100

The most current registration statistics are available online and updated on a monthly basis.
Registration Statistics

Absentee voter ballots are available for the following voters.

	Advanced in age, Disabled, or Ill
	Military personnel, their Dependents, or Overseas Citizens
	A student who temporarily resides outside the county
	A voter who temporarily resides outside of Kentucky and who maintains eligibility 
	to vote in Kentucky
	Incarcerated, but not yet convicted of a crime
	Employed outside of the county all hours the polling place is open.

Voter Registration data is available for public noncommercial use. Contact the county clerk to determine proper precinct codes needed for the application.
Voter Registration Data Request

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