Public Voting Records

Maine Public Voting Records

Elections in Maine are handled by the Bureau of Corporations, Elections & and Commissions, a department of the Secretary of State.

	Deputy Secretary of State 
	101 State House Station 
	Augusta, Maine 04333-0101 

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Maine Public Voting Records

Print and complete the following voter registration application to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Voter Registration Application

Mail to your local registrar or to:

	Division of Elections: #101 State House 
	Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0101

View the complete polling place list.
Statewide Polling Place List
Statewide Polling Place List

Absentee Ballot Requests can be made by any registered voter in Maine. No reasoning is required. Applications are not available more than 3 months prior to the next election.
Absentee Ballot Request

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