Public Voting Records

North Carolina Public Voting Records

Visit a library near you to access a wide variety of information about elections in North Carolina.
North Carolina Public Voting Records

Check to see if you are already registered to vote in North Carolina and verify your information is still accurate. Also check the status of your Absentee Ballot application or Provisional Ballot application.
Voter Lookup

Register to vote in North Carolina by using the forms below or by using the National Register to Vote form and Federal Post Card Application.
North Carolina Voter Registration Forms
Voter Registration Form
Spanish Registration Form

National Registration Forms are available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Any registered voter in North Carolina can opt to vote by mail. A written letter by the voter or a local family member can contact their county board of elections with the following in the body of the letter.

• A Request Statement:
Example: "I am requesting an absentee ballot for the Election on [insert date]."
• Name of voter
• Residential address of voter
• Address where ballot should be mailed (if different from residential address)
• Voter's date of birth
• Contact phone number
• Requestor's name, address, and relationship to the voter 
• Signature of voter or near relative*  
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