Public Voting Records

North Dakota Public Voting Records

The Secretary of State website can help residents of North Dakota vote for general, primary and special elections. The pages below can make sure you get your chance to vote, your vote get counted and contact you for upcoming elections and ballot issues.

North Dakota residents who are qualified to vote do not have to register with the state or county as long as they show valid identification. Check with a library near you to find out what you will need to vote.
North Dakota Public Voting Records

	Acceptable forms of identification with residential addresses are:
• Valid driver's license
• Valid state identification card
• Valid federally issued identification card:
(1) Passport (2) Agency identification card
• Valid tribal government issued identification card
• Valid student identification card
• Valid United States military identification card
• Utility bill dated within 30 days prior to election day with your name and 
residential address
• Change of address verification letter from the US Postal Service

	If you are not able to verify your residency and date of birth by the 
	forms of identification listed above, you still have the right to vote if:
• An election poll worker is able to vouch for your identity and residence.
• You complete a Voter's Affidavit on which you certify, under oath, your 
identity and that you are a resident within this precinct.

Find your local polling place, voting times and view sample ballots to make sure you know how to vote before you get to the polling location. Voter Address Search

Registered voters can sign into the Secretary of State website to apply for absentee voting.
Absentee and Mail Ballot Application

Verify your absentee or mail ballot status.
Search for your absentee and mail ballot application

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