Public Voting Records

Oklahoma Public Voting Records

Oklahoma residents who are U.S. citizens and are the age of 18 by the next election are able to become a registered voter. You can get more details at your local library.
Oklahoma Public Voting Records

Download and print the following pdf form on a standard sized plain white paper and mail to the Oklahoma State Election Board

Oklahoma Sstate Election Board
P.O. BOX 528800
Oklahoma Ccity, Ok 73152-8800

Voter Registration

Voter registration closes 24 days prior to the election. Applications received between the registration cut off and the election will be held until the election is completed and will qualify for the follow election.

Changing name, address or party affiliation. Requests to change personal information require completing a new voter registration form.

Absentee voting is available upon written request. A form is available below but it not required. A written request mailed to either the county election board or the State Election Board will suffice.

Information required for a valid request

your name
your birth date
the address at which you are registered to vote
the election or elections for which you are requesting ballots
the address to which the ballots should be mailed
your signature

Absentee Ballot

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