Public Voting Records

Texas Public Voting Records

You can familiarize yourself with election results in Texas at a library.
Texas Public Voting Records

Get yourself ready for the next Texas election with these simple steps.

1) Verify your voter status

Check to see if you're already registered or see if your voter registration information is current. The online registration search tool is powered by the Secretary of State. Find your voter registration by entering your Texas Driver's License, Voter Identification, or you first and last name.
Voter Information Search

If you are registered but need to update your information and have not changed your voting county then use the Online Name and Address Change tool.
Voter Name and Address Change

If you have changed voting counties then contact your new county voter registration office to complete your voter address change.
List of Voting Official

2) Register to vote

New voter registration forms can be completed in a variety of ways. In every county there is either a voter registrar's office, tax assessor-collector or county clerk that can register voters. An official postage paid voter registration form can be requested by filling out this online form.
Voter Registration Form Request

Apply for a Voting Ballot by Mail

For registered voters who are senior citizens, disabled, or will be out of the country an absentee ballot is available. In some cases voters who are serving a jail sentence and have not lost their rights to vote are also eligible.

Absentee Ballot Application

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