Public Voting Records

Vermont Public Voting Records

You can get essential information for residents of Vermont to be able to vote in the upcoming election at your local library.
Vermont Public Voting Records

Voter registration and election processes are handled by the Secretary of State Elections Division. Although form, questions and requests sent to the State Elections Division is generally sent off to the town clerk of the town in question.

	128 State Street
	Montpelier, VT 05633-1101
	In-State: (800) 439-8683
	Outside VT: (802) 828-2464
	FAX: 802-828-5171

Below are informational pamphlets regarding the multiple local levels of election and voter information handling.
Town Clerk & City Clerks - (PDF)
Town Clerks - (Excel)
Senatorial District Clerks - (PDF)
Representative District Clerks - (PDF)

Below if a general list of polling locations for each town, city and county. Note that information is not always current on this list. For the most accurate and up to date location, please check with your local elections office.
Polling Locations - (PDF)
Polling Locations - (Excel)

Voter Registration forms, also known as Applications for Addition to the Checklist, are available at each town or city clerks office or for download below. Return the completed form to your local town clerk in person or by mail. A list of clerks is available above.
Polling Locations - (PDF)
Polling Locations - (Word)

To be eligible to vote the following must apply.

	1. be a citizen of the United States; 
	2. be a resident of Vermont and a resident of the town in which you apply to be added 
	to the checklist; (OR be a military or overseas voter qualified under the federal 
	Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act whose last place of residence in 
	the United States immediately prior to moving overseas was in a Vermont town or city); 
	3. take, or have previously taken, the Voter's Oath; and 
	4. be 18 years of age or older or will be eighteen on the day of election. 
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