Public Voting Records

Virginia Public Voting Records

Are you ready to vote for the next Virginia State Elections? Ask a friendly librarian to walk you through the process.
Virginia Public Voting Records

1) Check your voter status or get registered

The Virginia Election and Registration Information System can show you your voter status by using your Voter ID or by using a few pieces of your personal information. Name, county, birth date and last 4 of social security number.
Search Registered Voters

If updates need to be made to your voter registration or you are not currently registered to vote than contact your local Voter Registration Office.
List of Voter Registration Offices

Or you can print and return the below form and mail it to your local office.
Voter Registration Application

2) Find your polling location

Your local polling location may have been moved. Enter your county and your street address to find the most current polling location.
Polling Location

3) Set up absentee voting

All registered voters can apply for absentee voting with an explanation of hardship reporting to their polling location. Return the following form in person, by mail or facsimile to your local voter registration office. An absentee voter application must be filled out for each election
Absentee Voting Application

4) View a sample ballot

Use the following link to view a sample of your ballot. This is not a real ballot and doesn't not count as your vote.
Sample Ballot

5) Bring proper identification

The document below if the official list of acceptable indentification required to be able to vote.
Voter Identification

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