Public Voting Records

Wisconsin Public Voting Records

You can find out a lot about voting in Wisconsin by looking at voting histories.
Wisconsin Public Voting Records

Registering to vote or verifying your voter status in Wisconsin is easily accomplished by visiting the My Vote Wisconsin website. Start by searching for your voting record, even if you've never registered to vote in Wisconsin before. Voter Search

If you can't get online to register then more traditional methods are still available. Print the PDF application below and mailing them to the local Wisconsin Municipal Clerk.
Voter Registration - English

Apply in person at any county or municipal clerk. Below is a complete list of county and municipal clerks, which can be used to help with directions or mailing of registration form. Photo identification is not required but proof of residency is required.
County Clerks - PDF
Municipal Clerks - PDF
Municipal Clerks - Excel

Registration is also available on election day.

For additional information, contact the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

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