Public Voting Records

Wyoming Public Voting Records

You can view voting histories at libraries.
Wyoming Public Voting Records

Register in person

The town or county clerk in which the resident resides can help with voter registration. Forms are available at the clerk's office or available for download here which can be signed and submitted at their local office.
Voter Registration

Register by mail

The same form can be printed, completed and mailed to the clerk's office. But, the form must be completed with identification by a notary or registry agent.
Voter Registration

Mailing address of all Clerk's Offices

Register on election day

Bring your identification to the polls with you on election day and get registered right there. Please be very careful reading the acceptable forms of identification.

Preferred option

	Wyoming Driver License

Second option is one form of the following:

	Different state's driver license
	ID card issued by a local, state or federal agency
	U.S. passport
	School ID
	Or military ID

Third option is two of the following in any combination:

	Certification of U.S. Citizenship
	Certificate of Naturalization
	Draft Record;
	Voter registration card from another state or county
	Original or certified copy of a birth certificate bearing an official seal
	Certification of birth abroad issued by the Department of State
	Or any other form of identification issued by an official agency

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